Firing at the Wrong Target: A Losing Game for Kuwait’s Opposition

Politics & Governance

The resignation of the Kuwaiti cabinet and the election of the new parliament has produced...


China’s Unsuccessful Swoop Into the Iraqi Oil Sector: (Not) the End of the Story?

Energy Policy

COVID-19 and collapsed oil prices have dealt a severe blow to Iraq’s economy, where approximately...


Biden’s Iran Negotiations: How to Win a Zero-Sum Game

U.S. – Gulf Policy

Over the past few weeks, the prospect of resuming negotiations between Iran and the United...


Marib Battle and Biden’s Yemen Policy: A New Phase or Another Escalation?

Defense & Security

Since the inauguration of President Joe Biden, America’s foreign policy in Yemen has been formed...


Erbil Rocket Attack: Is the U.S.-Iran Conflict Escalating Again?

U.S. – Gulf Policy

After several months of relative calm, tensions in Iraq have once again transformed the country...


Iran Must Deal with A New Status Quo in the South Caucasus


There is a new status quo in Nagorno-Karabakh. Following six weeks of bloody conflict in...


Development Policies in Saudi Arabia: Challenges and Opportunities

Economy & Innovation

Executive Summary This report explores the various economic development strategies and paradigms implemented by the...


Navigating the Energy Transition: How Gulf NOCs Can Weigh in on the Climate Crisis

Energy Policy

Executive Summary This report explores the strategies utilized by International Oil Companies (IOCs) and Arab...


Advancing Women’s Political Representation in Gulf Governance


Executive Summary This report examines the policies and strategies utilized by the Gulf Cooperation Council...

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