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After Five Years of War: How Can Yemenis Restore their State and Sovereignty?


With the month of March marking the fifth anniversary of the war in Yemen, the devastating stalemate continues. The warring parties have failed both to change the facts on the ground or to agree on any peace plan, whether to implement what was agreed upon 15 months ago in Sweden or to work out a new plan. Instead of a Saudi-UAE supported Arab Coalition ending Houthi control over Sanaa within the projected two weeks, the Houthis have carried the war into the very heart of Saudi Arabia. Houthi missiles have reached Riyadh and Aramco facilities, the world’s largest oil company and exporter. The most disastrous outcome of this war is a divided Yemen. Tragically, after five years, Yemen has become a war-ravaged country with a dismantled state and army, deep divisions within the Yemeni society, and an increased terrorist threat from Al-Qaeda and ISIS. The collapse of any unified political leadership has led to more infighting among rival proxy militias within the war-torn country.

Gulf International Forum invites a discussion on how this war has changed Yemen and the Gulf region after five years of conflict.  What are the current positions of the different GCC states? What role can the US play to end this conflict? What will be the future of Yemen as division within the country is deeper than ever? Can Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Iran reach an agreement in Yemen to end this war? What other possible scenarios can lead to the end of this war?

Featured Speakers:

Ambassador Patrick Theros, Professor David Des Roches, Samuel Ramani, Rasha Jarhoum, and Dr. Nabeel Khoury.

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