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Arab Women Committee Declares Riyadh Capital of Arab Women for 2020

The Arab Women Committee has announced Riyadh as the capital of Arab women for 2020 under the slogan “Women are a homeland and an ambition,” SPA reported.

The decision was taken at the 39th session of the Arab Women Committee, which was held on Monday in Riyadh under the umbrella of the Arab League.

The secretary-general of the Family Affairs Council, Dr. Hala bint Mazyad Al-Tuwaijri, said that the declaration of Riyadh as the capital of Arab women was due to the role that the Kingdom played at all levels, and its continued support for women’s empowerment.

The Arab Women Committee — chaired by Saudi Arabia for a year — discussed a number of issues, including the report of the General Secretariat’s activity between the previous and the current sessions, the 2030 agenda for sustainable development, women’s empowerment in the Arab world, and the follow-up to the recommendations of the Ministerial Conference that focused on women’s empowerment and its impact on social development.


Read the full article on Arab News, February 10, 2020

Issue: Society & Culture
Country: KSA

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