Member Name : Aasim Alwaleed Ali Al-Thani

This is Anna Tutova https://www.linkedin.com/in/anna-tutova/ , I am as well one of the speakers at Websummit in Qatar.

I run a YouTube channel https://youtu.be/jP5W8PmyC1c and would like to invite you for a video interview in Qatar.

Jenny Johnson(Franklin Templeton CEO – $1.6 trillion AUM), Noel Quinn(HSBC CEO), Surangel Jr. Whipps(President of Palau), Vitalik Buterin(creator Ethereum), CZ(Founder Binance), Peter Diamandis(XPRIZE), Pierre Gasly(F1 driver), Cathie Wood(Founder ARK Invest), Kristin Johnson(US CFTC Commissioner), Carrie Schwab-Pomerantz(daughter of Charles Schwab, Board Chair and President Charles Schwab Foundation), Lightspeed Ventures, Pantera partners, UK members of the parliament etc. were guests on our channel before. Will be happy to make the interview with you too!
Can we arrange it? What is your availability for a 10-30 minutes video interview?

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Member Name : Ambassador Patrick Theros

I’m glad that Dick Gannon did not live to see this shit show. I’m sure he would have heaped praise on you for your latest article. I attended his funeral in New Orleans. I was able to spend some time with him before he died. I have some photos of the funeral I’d like to send you.
Larry Johnson

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Member Name : Dr. Mahjoob Zweiri

Dear sir i have met you in march 2019 in think tanks meetings in Brookings Doha Qatar Event. I have another meeting with you in Qatar university.

Dear sir my request is that kindly suggest me or refer me for any job at Qatar University

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Member Name : Dr. Wafa Al-Daily

Need to get connected to Dr. Wafa Al-Daily on behalf of Arab Student Aid International office business

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