Author: Abdulaziz Kilani

Abdulaziz Kilani

Abdulaziz Kilani is a British-Arab writer, who focuses on the Middle East and North Africa region. His articles and work have been published by several media outlets, including Middle East Eye, Responsible Statecraft, The American Conservative, and The Globe Post. He tweets as @AZ_Kilani.


How the GCC Views the Algeria-Morocco Rift


On August 24, Algeria announced that it had severed ties with Morocco, accusing it of...


Marib: An Obstacle to the Peace Process

Defense & Security

Next month marks the seventh year since the Ansar Allah movement – commonly known as...


U.S.-Iran Clashes in Syria and Iraq: Exchange of Messages or Serious Escala...

Defense & Security

On June 27, President Joe Biden ordered U.S. airstrikes to be carried out against facilities...


How the Houthis Have Taken Advantage of Biden’s Yemen Policy

U.S. – Gulf Policy

Given Biden’s decision that the United States would end its support for the Saudi-led coalition’s...

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