Author: Dr. Betul Dogan Akkas

Dr. Betul Dogan Akkas

Dr. Betul Dogan Akkas is a researcher of the Arab Gulf States. She holds a PhD in government and international affairs from Durham University. In her research, she examines foreign policy, security strategies, and political culture in the GCC states. Dogan-Akkas also covers the involvement of the GCC states in the Yemen war and Turkiye-GCC relations.


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Politics & Governance

There are intricate dynamics in Qatari politics, specifically the evolving participation of women in the...


The Complexities of a Houthi-Saudi Deal and its Impact on Yemen’s Fut...

Politics & Governance

More than seven years since the beginning of the war in Yemen, the potential Iranian-Saudi...


GCC States Support for Türkiye Reflects a Burgeoning Partnership


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Resuscitating Turkish-Saudi Relations: MBS’ Visit to Ankara


Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman visited Türkiye last week, following President Erdogan’s visit to...

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