Author: Dr. Frank Himpel & Khristo Ayad

Dr. Frank Himpel & Khristo Ayad

Prof. Dr. Frank Himpel is an international business and economics scholar, focusing on complex international partnerships, strategic logistics and operations, and strategic coopetition. He has researched and taught Business Administration, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, and International Management at leading universities in Germany and Qatar. Dr. Himpel has also delivered lectures and talks to numerous academic institutions around the globe. Khristo Ayad is a strategic communications consultant and public diplomacy analyst based in Doha. His focus lies on the states of the Gulf Cooperation Council, as well as soft power diplomacy in a wider context, including the European Union. Mr. Ayad has worked across the government, semi-government and private sectors in Germany and the Gulf region, and holds an MA in Diplomatic Studies from the University of Leicester.


Qatar’s Growing Role as a Humanitarian and Diplomatic Hub


Almost precisely twenty years after 9/11, the world seemed stunned in disbelief as the Taliban...

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