Author: Dr. Mohammad Salami

Dr. Mohammad Salami holds a Ph.D. in International Relations. He is a specialist in Middle Eastern policy, particularly in Syria, Iran, Yemen, and the Persian Gulf region. His areas of expertise include politics and governance, security, and counterterrorism. He writes as an analyst and columnist in various media outlets. Follow him on Twitter: @moh_salami


The State of Saudi-Pakistani Relations after the Rise of Shehbaz Sharif


Last month, amid political unrest and allegations of foreign interference, Pakistan witnessed the ouster of...


Iranian Gas Will Not Replace Russian Gas Exports to Europe

Energy Policy

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has met with global opposition, prompting a wave of energy, financial,...


What the West Can Expect of Iranian Foreign Policy in 2022


Iran’s foreign policy in 2022 will aim at securing several general objectives. The country will...


Raisi’s Pivot to East Policy: An Inefficient Lever Against the U.S.

“We will not tie the economic and living conditions of the people to the negotiations...

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