Author: Farzin Zandi

Farzin Zandi

Farzin Zandi is an Iranian Journalist and Geopolitical Analyst. He has a master’s degree in Political Geography from The University of Tehran. His main fields of interest include Geopolitics, Gray Zone, Security of Southwest Asia, Geopolitical Territorialization, National Security, Non-state Actors’ Foreign Policy, Iran’s Proxy Groups with special focus on the Iranian influence of spheres in the Middle East. His primary research interest lies in Geopolitical Strategy, Iran’s Gray Zone and Iran-US relations. His Master’s Dissertation focused on: Clarifying Role of The “Gray Zone” in The US-Iran Geopolitical Strategy- Post Iraq War (2003) – Follow him at @farzin_zandi


Raisi’s Presidency: An Inimical Sign for Iran and the Middle East

Politics & Governance

When a country’s autocratic leader changes, the process of selecting a new leader can bring...

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