Author: Giorgio Cafiero

Giorgio Cafiero

COVID-19: A Unifying Enemy for the Gulf Region?

Politics & Governance

In an era of hyper-globalization, the global pandemic known as “COVID-19” (also referred to as...


‘Neo-Ottoman’ Ambitions in the Post-American Middle East: Stakes for the Gulf

Politics & Governance

Officially, Turkey’s Operation Peace Spring in northern Syria has been about two major objectives. First,...


The PMF’s Fight for Legitimacy in Iraq

Defense & Security

Formed in 2014, the initial raison d’etre of Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) was to...


Investing in Saudi Arabia’s NIDLP

Energy & Diversification

With the widespread outrage following the Khashoggi case, the imprisonment of human rights activists in...


Qatar Says No to Rapprochement with Syrian Regime

Politics & Governance

Largely due to the support Damascus that has received from key allies


Oman: Israel’s Door to the Muslim World?

Politics & Governance

On October 25, Israeli Prime Minister (PM) Benjamin Netanyahu became his nation’s third PM to...

Will Regional Isolation Make Qatar More Democratic?

Politics & Governance

The Saudi-led blockade can lead Qatar to pursue ambitions it had previously suppressed...

Will the GCC Survive the Gulf Crisis?

Defense & Security

Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Bahrain’s unprecedented action against Qatar created an increasingly complicated geopolitical environment...