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Event Recap: After Five Years of War: How Can Yemenis Restore their State and Sovereignty?

On April 20, GIF hosted a panel discussion “After Five Years of War: How Can...


Event Recap: A Twofold Blow to the Gulf: OPEC+ Implosion & A Global Pandemic

On April 15th, Gulf International Forum (GIF) hosted an online panel titled “A Twofold Blow...


Gulf States’ Economies Stuck Between Global Pandemic and Oil Price War

Economy & Innovation

For the Gulf region, the last four weeks could not be more economically costly. Gulf...


Peace in Afghanistan: What is the Expected Role of the Gulf States?

Defense & Security

While efforts to end the longest-running war in American history have primarily focused on actors...


Coronavirus Infects More than Health in the Gulf: Implications for Oil Markets

Economy & Innovation

While it may initially have been covered as a Chinese outbreak, the implications of the...


Iran’s Election Gatekeepers Keep Democracy Futile

Politics & Governance

Now that the maelstrom following the killing of General Qasem Soleimani appears to have subsided,...


Prime Minister Mohammed Tawfik Allawi: Compromise or Status Quo?

Politics & Governance

When Iraqi protestors took to the streets in the closing months of 2019, they made...


Media Escalation Complicates GCC Crisis Mediation Efforts

Politics & Governance

In spite of months of intensified efforts to deescalate tensions among the Gulf Cooperation Council...


The Changing Same in Kuwait: New Cabinet, Persistent Challenges

Politics & Governance

As a result of internal disputes between cabinet members and the intense questioning of ministers...


Between a Divided Parliament and Determined Protestors...

Politics & Governance

Two weeks after the Iraqi Parliament accepted the resignation of Prime Minister (PM) Adil Abdulmehdi,...

National Defense Authorization Act 2020 and the Gulf

U.S. – Gulf Policy

After months of negotiations, the House and Senate committees responsible for drafting the National Defense...


GCC Reconciliation: Restoration or Reconfiguration?

Conflict Resolution & Peace Building

For the first time since the Gulf crisis began on June 5th, 2017, strong indicators...


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