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Gulf International Forum

Between Sanctions & Survival: Iraqi Sovereignty amidst U.S.–Iranian Competition

U.S. – Gulf Policy

Iraq has recently made ample evidence of the careful balancing act it must pursue between...

Candidate(s) Briefing: The Gulf & the First Democratic Debates

U.S. – Gulf Policy

While conventional political wisdom dictates that foreign policy is one of the last considerations voters...


Two Years In and the Gulf Crisis Remains at a Standstill


As we reflect on the Gulf crisis’s fast-approaching second anniversary, it is indisputable that the...

Candidate Briefing: What a Joe Biden Presidency Could Mean for the Gulf

U.S. – Gulf Policy

Following much speculation, former Vice President Joe Biden has impactfully jumped into the Presidential race.

Is Post Al-Bashir Sudan a New Arena for Gulf Rivalry?


Exactly eight years since Arab Spring protestors first forced the deposition of ...

Algeria’s Changing Status: A Complicated State for Gulf Influence


Eights years ago, the Arab Spring swept across the Middle East and North Africa...

Candidate Briefing: What a Jay Inslee Presidency Could Mean for the Gulf

U.S. – Gulf Policy

Washington state’s Jay Inslee (D-WA) became the first Governor to join the ever-growing...

Lebanon’s Economic Hardship is Yet Another Arena for Gulf States’ Rivalry


Although there is a history of Gulf nations utilizing dollar diplomacy in order...


Yemen’s Future: A Humanitarian Calamity and A Lost Generation

Politics & Governance

As next month the War in Yemen enters into its fifth year, and with no...

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