Author: Professor Gregory Aftandilian

Professor Gregory Aftandilian

Professor Gregory Aftandilian is a Senior Professorial Lecturer at American University where he teaches courses on US foreign policy and an adjunct faculty member at Boston University and George Mason University, teaching courses on Middle East politics. Professor Nonresident is also Fellow at Arab Center Washington DC. Previously, he worked for the US government for over 20 years in such capacities as Professional Staff Member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and Middle East Analyst at the US Department of State. He holds B.A. in History from Dartmouth College, M.A. in Middle Eastern Studies from University of Chicago, and M.Sc. in International Relations from London School of Economics.


History Rhymes: Comparing the Kennedy and Biden Policies toward Riyadh

U.S. – Gulf Policy

History does not always repeat itself but in some cases it comes close. Examining the...

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