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Book Talk “Political Islam in the Gulf Region”

Featured Speakers: Dr. Abdullah Baabood, Dr. Khalid Al-Jaber, Dr. Kristian Coates Ulrichsen, Dr. Courtney Freer, and Sina Azodi.

This book explores the phenomenon of political Islam in the Gulf region. Existing scholarship on this topic is mostly dedicated to the varied religious groups’ position on violence and democracy. This book expands on the topic and investigates the complexities of the relationship of individuals to religion, the state, and societies, and the organization of their lives and spiritual affairs in the Middle East with particular emphasis on the unique environment of the Gulf. Given the importance of the political Islamic context to the politics, regional interventions, economics, and society of the Gulf states, this book will be an essential tool in giving, policy makers, practitioners, and the larger public a detailed view of a complicated but essential topic.

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