Public Relations Specialist in Washington, DC


–       Utilize analytical skills and an understanding of dynamics of the Gulf region along with the Middle East Region.

–       Design a communication strategy and tactics for the institute according to GIF’s mandate and objectives.

–       Assist and work closely with the Director and Chief Executive Officer to develop and implement PR strategies.

–       Identify potential media targets and partnerships with other institutes and ensure alignment with GIF’s vision, objectives and budget.

–       Oversee all functions related to website and publications.

–       Develop, monitor and/or execute a strategy for communication and publication on the GIF’s website, social media and relevant events.

–       Represent GIF at all events where media may be present.

–       Track, analyze and report on all developments in the region according to GIF’s communication plan.

–       Create and publish content for GIF’s website, plus write and edit all relevant and required publications and releases and other forms of newsworthy developments in the Gulf region.

–       Monitor closely media outlets for news developments online and social media.

–       Develop strategic plans to promote GIF’s status across various media outlets and Think Tanks.

–       Identify and create profile raising opportunities for GIF nationally and in the Middle East region.

–       Locate, track, distribute and submit survey and public opinion related GIF’s publications to relevant audience and on GIF’s website and social media.


Job Requirements:


  1. Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts, Public Policy, Political Science, or related field.
  1. Two (2) years of experience:
  2. Working directly with governments, NGOs, civil society and communities in the Middle East.
  3. Working in a multicultural environment.

To apply for the position, please mail resume to Dania Alawadi, 1275 K St NW, Suite 801, Washington, DC 20005.  Refer to code AA19 on resume/application