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Dr. Auhoud Albulushi is a Non-Resident Fellow. Dr. Albulushi is an academic and researcher with a multi-disciplinary background in linguistics, sociology, education and law. She obtained her PhD from Warwick University in the United Kingdom in the area of Applied Linguistics. She is currently finishing an LLM degree in International Law and Commercial Law from Hertfordshire University in the United Kingdom. Albulushi worked for 20 years as an academic in the college of Education at Sultan Qaboos University. Besides her academic duties, she held the post of head of Research and studies department at the Omani Studies Center at Sultan Qaboos University. Her work involved carrying out and encouraging research on issues pertaining to Oman as well as providing research consultations to researchers interested in the Omani society and culture. She is currently a freelance consultant and the executive director of Derasat Educational and Research consultancy. Her research interests center around education, linguistics, policy making, social issues and women studies. In addition, she is active in the area of child welfare and development as a founding member of the Children Public Library and former vice-president of the Children First Association in the

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