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Dr. Yagoub Al-Kandari is member of the Advisory Board. Dr. Al-Kandari is a Professor of Sociology and Anthropology. He received his Master and Ph.D. degrees from The Ohio State University, USA, Major in Anthropology. He is now the Director of Gulf and Arabian Peninsula Center, Kuwait University. He was the former Dean of the College of Social Sciences. Dr. Al-Kindari was a Chief Editor of Peninsula Region and its Geographical Vicinity and the vice President Council for Center of Gulf and Arabian Peninsula Studies and chief-in-editor of Annals of Arts and Social Sciences. Also, he served as Dean Assistant of College of Graduate Studies of Academic and acting chair of Sociology and Social Work Department at Kuwait University. He has 145 published works (30 books and has 70 published scientific papers in refereed journals with many other publications in conferences proceedings). Dr. Al-Kandari is a member of many local, regional, and international associations. He is the Recipient of six scientific awards; one of them is the State Award for Scientific Production Award.

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