Turkey and Iran: The End of the Honeymoon?     


Over the past decade, Turkey and Iran have enjoyed several years of strategic partnership, characterized...


The Old Saudi-US Relationship Is No More. What Next?

U.S. – Gulf Policy

No one appeared to have grasped in the early days after Biden took his oath...


If Washington Abandons Riyadh, Moscow is Waiting

U.S. – Gulf Policy

Two seemingly unrelated developments that commenced in early 2021 – the US-Saudi brawl escalating to...


Saudi Ceasefire Proposal in Yemen: Opportunities and Future Challenges

Defense & Security

The new Saudi initiative about a ceasefire in Yemen has opened the door for a...


Marib Battle and Biden’s Yemen Policy: A New Phase or Another Escalation?

Defense & Security

Since the inauguration of President Joe Biden, America’s foreign policy in Yemen has been formed...


Erbil Rocket Attack: Is the U.S.-Iran Conflict Escalating Again?

U.S. – Gulf Policy

After several months of relative calm, tensions in Iraq have once again transformed the country...


Development Policies in Saudi Arabia: Challenges and Opportunities

Economy & Innovation

Executive Summary This report explores the various economic development strategies and paradigms implemented by the...


Navigating the Energy Transition: How Gulf NOCs Can Weigh in on the Climate Crisis

Energy Policy

Executive Summary This report explores the strategies utilized by International Oil Companies (IOCs) and Arab...


Advancing Women’s Political Representation in Gulf Governance


Executive Summary This report examines the policies and strategies utilized by the Gulf Cooperation Council...

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