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Libyan military soldiers run to take cover during clashes with Islamic extremist militias in Benghazi, Libya, Thursday, Oct. 30, 2014. Government troops entered central Benghazi Wednesday after nearly 10 days of fighting Islamic extremist militias, a military spokesman said, in violence that killed dozens of people and forced hundreds of families to flee. (AP Photo/Mohammed el-Sheikhy)

Infighting Erupts among Houthis-Saleh Alliance in Yemen

Four supporters of Yemen’s former president Ali Abdullah Saleh were killed in clashes with their supposed allies from the Houthi moveme/nt in the center of the capital Sanaa on Wednesday, his party said.

The fighting around the city’s main mosque complex underlined deepening rifts between the armed groups who have together confronted a Saudi-led alliance in three years of war.

Houthi fighters and army units loyal to Saleh made common cause to fan out through Yemen in 2015 and have weathered thousands of air strikes launched by neighboring Saudi Arabia and its allies.

Read full article on Reuters, by Noah Browning, November 29, 2017.

Country: Yemen
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