Economy & Innovation

Event Recap: A Twofold Blow to the Gulf: OPEC+ Implosion & A Global Pandemic

On April 15th, Gulf International Forum (GIF) hosted an online panel titled “A Twofold Blow...

Economy & Innovation

Innovation is Born out of Crisis: The GCC Must Capitalize on this Moment

Joseph Schumpeter argued that the entrepreneur generates “creative destruction” as innovation causes modes of thought,...

U.S. – Gulf Policy

Challenging Scenarios for US-GCC Relations in the Wake of the Pandemic

The lasting consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic in the Gulf countries will be shaped by...

Energy Policy

The Global Collapse of Oil Prices – What Lies Ahead?

Since the dawn of the oil era, prices have been subject to a certain extent...

Defense & Security

Clashes in Southern Yemen: A Renewed Saudi Arabia-UAE Rivalry?

As we enter the sixth year of the Yemeni civil war, a series of events...

U.S. – Gulf Policy

COVID-19: Will it Make China Villain or Victor in the Gulf Region?

How does China emerge from the COVID-19 crisis having been pilloried as the source of...


Coronavirus Crisis: An Opportunity for Intra-Gulf Rapprochement

The Middle East is facing yet another threat to its stability, albeit, this time a...

Economy & Innovation

Gulf States’ Economies Stuck Between Global Pandemic and Oil Price War

For the Gulf region, the last four weeks could not be more economically costly. Gulf...


Peace in Afghanistan: What is the Expected Role of the Gulf States?

While efforts to end the longest-running war in American history have primarily focused on actors...

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