Politics & Governance

Qatar Renews Call for Peaceful Settlement of Gulf Crisis

The State of Qatar renewed its call to settle the crisis with the blockading countries...


Perspectives on Resolving the Gulf Crisis at the Upcoming GCC Summit

A few days before the upcoming Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) summit in Saudi Arabia, there...


GCC Reconciliation: Restoration or Reconfiguration?

For the first time since the Gulf crisis began on June 5th, 2017, strong indicators...


Assessing Kuwaiti Mediation in the Gulf Crisis

Ahead of the Kuwaiti Emir’s postponed September 12th meeting with President Trump...


Gulf Crisis Deadlock Creates Regional Rivalry

Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain, Egypt and a number of Islamic countries cut diplomatic ties...

Energy Policy

Russia and the Arab Gulf States: Current Energy Variables

Despite a history of abject opposition to one another on a host


Qatar Says No to Rapprochement with Syrian Regime

Largely due to the support Damascus that has received from key allies

GIF’s Annual Forecast 2019

Gulf International Forum (GIF) presents our 2019 forecast. As the new year is upon us,...

Energy Policy

Qatar’s Withdrawal from OPEC: Energy Sector Strategy or Political Move?

Last week’s announcement by Qatar that the state intends to leave the


Scenarios for the Upcoming GCC Summit

The 2018 Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) summit is taking place amidst a changing balance of...

Politics & Governance

Qatar Enacts Favorable Immigration Laws

Qatar recently announced a series of reforms related to the legal status of the countless...

Qatar Eyes Germany’s Energy, Finance Sectors with 10 bln Euro Investm...

The Gulf state of Qatar said on Friday it would invest 10 billion

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