UN Court: UAE has Violated Qatar Nationals’ Basic Rights

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) today issued a provisional ruling...

Isolated Qatar pivots towards China, as its ties with Gulf states wane

It has been a year since Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and...

Qatar elected as UN General Assembly 73rd session Vice President

The United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday elected Qatar as Vice-President of


The Gulf Impasse’s One Year Anniversary & the Changing Regional Dyna...

The United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday elected Qatar as Vice-President of

Trump Meets the Emir of Qatar in the White House

US President Donald Trump has praised his country’s ties with Qatar as

Qatar Signs $3.7bn Deal to Buy Military Helicopters

Qatar has announced it will be spending $3.71bn (€3bn) to buy 28 military

US to sell Qatar $197m in Air Force Upgrades

Qatar and the United States have agreed to a $197m sale in upgrades and other...

Gulf States Considering Plans to Bring End to Saudi-led Qatar Boycott

Gulf states are studying plans to break the deadlock over the Saudi-led

Trump to GCC Leaders: Resolve Qatar Crisis or No Camp David

President Donald Trump wants to bring feuding Persian Gulf leaders to Camp

There Are Calming Signs and Firm Desire to End Gulf Crisis: French Envoy to...

French Envoy for the Gulf Countries Bertrand Besancenot affirmed the presence...


Historical Assessment of the Current Gulf Crisis

Media pundits and analysts have approached the Gulf crisis...

Qatar Blockade Bites as State Airline’s Boss Predicts a Loss

Qatar Airways’ chief executive has claimed his airline is facing an annual loss ...

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