Drone Strike in Saudi Arabia Potentially Broadens Perception of Iranian Threat

Defense & Security

Over the course of the Trump Presidency, there has been one crucial variable missing in...


Could Turkey Lower the Impact of U.S. Sanctions on Iran?

Economy & Innovation

Recently, President Erdogan has declared that the U.S. sanctions placed on Iran are against international...

How to Deal with Russia in the Middle East and the Gulf Region?

Defense & Security

In less than a decade, Russia has made significant advances in the Middle East and...


The PMF’s Fight for Legitimacy in Iraq

Defense & Security

Formed in 2014, the initial raison d’etre of Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) was to...


Gulf Crisis Deadlock Creates Regional Rivalry


Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain, Egypt and a number of Islamic countries cut diplomatic ties...


Dealing with Iran: Trump’s Negotiating Formula Risks Unwanted War

Defense & Security

Wars don’t just happen; there is always an underlying cause. Sometimes a predator sees an...

The Gulf in the Gulf – Gulf Crisis Second Anniversary

Politics & Governance

Download the PDF version here   The gulf in the Gulf is profound. It is...


U.S. Pressure on Iran’s Energy Sector

U.S. – Gulf Policy

U.S.-Iran tensions have the potential to roil the energy market, and along with it, the...

US Arms Trade in the Gulf: An Instrument of Whose Power and Influence?

Defense & Security

“King, we’re losing our ass defending you, King, and you have a lot of money.”...

Divergent Gulf State Interests in Rival Koreas


Recent developments on the Korean Peninsula - in particular, the improvement ...

Turkey’s Involvement in Gulf Security

Defense & Security

In a volatile global environment, small states tend to rely more on hedging as a...

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