Developments Policies in Saudi Arabia: Challenges and Opportunities

Economy & Innovation

Executive Summary: This report explores the various economic development strategies and paradigms implemented by the...


Navigating the Energy Transition: How Gulf NOCs Can Weigh in on the Climate Crisis

Energy Policy

Executive Summary This report explores the strategies utilized by International Oil Companies (IOCs) and Arab...


Advancing Women’s Political Representation in Gulf Governance


Executive Summary This report examines the policies and strategies utilized by the Gulf Cooperation Council...

GIF’s Annual Forecast 2020

Click HERE to download PDF file    Gulf International Forum (GIF) presents our 2020 forecast....


Perspectives on Resolving the Gulf Crisis at the Upcoming GCC Summit


A few days before the upcoming Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) summit in Saudi Arabia, there...


Yemen: A State Torn, Not Restored

Politics & Governance

A recent escalation of fighting in the south of Yemen has renewed calls and increased...


Iraq and Its Gulf Neighbors: Transforming Challenges into Opportunities

Politics & Governance

In recent months signs have emerged that the Gulf may be witnessing...


Congress Reacting to A Nuclear Saudi Arabia

U.S. – Gulf Policy

Congressional attention toward the status of nuclear technology in the Middle East...

Lebanon’s Economic Hardship is Yet Another Arena for Gulf States’ Rivalry


Although there is a history of Gulf nations utilizing dollar diplomacy in order...

Post War Syria: Factors Inhibiting Arab Gulf Influence


In light of Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad and his allies having consolidated ...

The Origins of Nancy Pelosi’s Impending Gulf Policy

U.S. – Gulf Policy

With the inauguration of the 116th Congress, Speaker Designate Nancy Pelosi will ...

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