Russia and Saudi Arabia Put Aside Differences to Forge Energy Pact

It was below minus 30C in the Arctic Circle but the delegations from Saudi Arabia and Russia tossed aside their gloves for a friendly handshake, smiling despite the cold under their fur hats and padded jackets.

Khalid al-Falih, Saudi energy minister, had come to the port in Sabetta in Russia’s far north to open a $27bn liquefied natural gas plant, in the company of his counterpart Alexander Novak and President Vladimir Putin.

“Buy our gas and you’ll save oil,” the Russian leader tells Mr Falih. “That’s why I‘m here,” Mr Falih replied, patting Mr Putin on the shoulder. “I have a great relationship with Alexander, we’ve become partners,” the Saudi minister adds.



Read full article by Anjli Raval, Roula Khalaf and Henry Foy on Financial Times, February 7, 2018.


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