Are you a Gulf researcher/columnist interested to write with us and become part of GIF’s contributors? We accept submissions from new contributors to write commentaries with GIF. Our publications focus on political, economic, mass communications, social, and security issues for the nine Gulf states: Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Yemen.

We are an independent institute and we aim to provide in-depth analysis of the Gulf region’s issues. We believe that the quick transformation taking place in the region requires a variety of voices and analyses to enrich the knowledge about the Gulf’s political economic and societal changes.

While the Gulf region is facing major challenges to its security and economy, we believe in the importance of innovative and evidence-based papers that would enrich the public and policymakers knowledge to help them understand the developments in the region. In order to achieve this, we dedicate part of GIF publications to rising scholars and journalists to air all perspectives on a given issue.

Below are the six themes of the forum’s publication, and we remain open to new ideas:

  1. Women and Society
  2. Defense and Security
  3. Economy & Innovation
  4. Energy & Diversification
  5. Politics & Governance
  6. U.S. Policy Program

We only publish original pieces and request resources to support all facts, data, and arguments. Be prepared to document what you say. We always fact-check everything we publish. GIF always looks at ideas and topics that connect the dots and provide an interesting analysis to our followers.

Please submit your topic’s outline or abstract along with your CV to Also, please review our research and publication guidelines.


Research and Publications Guidelines:

  1. Gulf International Forum (GIF) is committed to impartiality and objectivity in both the research and editorial process for all materials and publications. All our materials and studies will be reviewed by at least two accredited and experienced editors with expertise in the field and subject. This is to ensure that used language and materials are in line with the institute’s values and mission.
  2. All materials are subject to editing and review. The suggested amendments and notes will be subsequently sent to the paper’s author for review and approval. GIF will not publish any modified material, as a whole or as a part, without written approval by the author.
  3. When needed or required, GIF provides stylistic, structural support, as well as fact checking to all researchers and editors.
  4. GIF will inform authors if materials have been approved for publication with or without any modifications. Amendments to materials will be made with the approval of the authors. If GIF decides not to publish the material, GIF’s explanation and reasoning will be provided to the author/researcher.
  5. Scholars, authors and editors must adhere to the principles and rules of intellectual property during the research process.
  6. All papers submitted to GIF must be original material and not been published or presented previously as a whole or as a part.
  7. GIF enjoys the intellectual property rights for articles published in its daily and periodic publications whether on the GIF website, social media pages or during seminars and events. All information may not be either reproduced in whole or in part, in English or translated into any other language, without properly quoting GIF and the material’s author or through written permission from GIF.
  8. GIF is committed to translating and publishing articles with written permission and consent of the authors/researchers and in respect of intellectual property rights.