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The Evolution of the Armed Forces of the United Arab Emirates

While today the military of the United Arab Emirates is described admiringly as a ‘little Sparta’, just 60 years ago the only security forces in the Emirates were the armed retainers of the Ruling Sheikhs and a small British-led, locally-raised Arab force. Using a combination of investment in its nationals, engagement of expatriates and the purchase of cutting edge military hardware, the UAE Armed Forces has become the Arab region’s most capable military. In the last decade, it has also gained considered experience through its military operations which have been undertaken in Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, Syria and Yemen. This book traces the little-known and fascinating history of the country’s Armed Forces. It provides unparalleled detail on the constituent forces that evolved into the UAE Armed Forces in 1976, and how the unified force has grown since then. It provides essential background information on the country, the enduring roles of the military and the history of each military service, plus details on the political and command structure governing the military, and its manpower and materiel characteristics. The book concludes with profiles of the military sheikhs who have and continue to be central to the development of this growing regional powerhouse.
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