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There Are Calming Signs and Firm Desire to End Gulf Crisis: French Envoy to Gulf

French Envoy for the Gulf Countries Bertrand Besancenot affirmed the presence of signs of calming and a firm desire to end the unjust siege on Qatar in line with the will of Kuwait, France and the United States to lift the siege and end the crisis, adding that dialogue is the only solution to end the crisis that harms everyone.

Besancenot said that France supports the Kuwaiti mediation and Qatar’s strong desire to end the current situation.

In an interview with Qatari newspaper, Al-Sharq, Besancenot noted that the French President Emmanuel Macron has given special attention to resolving the Gulf crisis through serious participation in the international mediation network in order to help get out of the crisis and end the unjust siege on Qatar.

The French envoy warned that the Gulf crisis has dangerous consequences to everybody, undermines the collective image of the Gulf and obstruct the security, political and commercial cooperation, and even the return of international investment to the region.

France is aware of the negative impacts of the siege on the people of Qatar and the region. The President of France has expressed his deep concern over the negative consequences of the siege at the humanitarian level and called on the siege countries to lift it immediately, Besancenot said, noting that resolving the crisis may take time, but added that France’s ally, the United States, is also interested in resolving the issue which would contribute to ending the crisis. “We all play our roles and we hope to reap the fruits of the international efforts, first and foremost the efforts of the Emir of Kuwait,” he said.



Read full article on The Peninsula, February 19, 2018.

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