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Are you an analyst with expertise in our region of focus interested in contributing to Gulf International Forum? GIF is accepting article submissions and proposals to be considered for publication. In order to be considered, please submit an article or outline proposal by clicking here. To qualify for publication, all submissions must be original arguments pertaining to the Gulf region, with all facts thoroughly cited. To learn more about guidelines for writing with us please click here.

To gain perspective on the types of submissions the Forum is most likely to consider, please peruse our past publications, or ensure that your topic fits into one of the following six themes:

  • Defense & Security
  • Society
  • Economy & Innovation
  • Energy Policy in the Gulf
  • Politics & Governance
  • U.S. – Gulf Policy
  • Geopolitics

All submissions are published at the discretion of the Forum, and submission is not a guarantee of publication. Gulf International Forum owns the copyright for all publications and may offer permission for re-print on a case-by-case basis.

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