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Paper Submission Guidelines

Paper Submission:

  • Once accepted, check the deadline on the website for submitting the first draft version of presenter papers.
  • All deadlines are to be strictly adhered to; non-compliance may lead to forfeiture of participation.
  • The first draft paper should be complete, meeting the length criteria (6500-7500 words).
  • Amendments can be made before submitting the final version, especially to incorporate feedback received during the workshop meeting.
  • The draft paper should be submitted to workshop directors when ready.
  • By submitting the paper, you agree to academic integrity. All papers will be checked on and AI verification applications.

Submission Standards:

  • All papers must be submitted in English using a Word Document format.
  • Paper length should be between 6500 and 7500 words, including tables, graphs, footnotes, and references.
  • Presenters may submit papers longer than 7500 words in coordination with workshop directors.
  • Author biographical notes should not exceed 250 words.
  • A professional headshot of the author is required.
  • Maintain double-line spacing.
  • Use Times New Roman 12-point font for text.
  • Agree with Workshop Director about type of citations conduce to publication goal.
  • Clearly indicate main headlines, section headlines, and subsection headlines with different font sizes or italics as necessary.
  • Graphs and tables can be included within the text or grouped at the paper's end (specify placement in the text).
  • Do not include headers, footers, or page numbers, except for centered page numbering at the bottom.
  • Avoid using pictures.
  • Maintain justified alignment (left and right).
  • Choose appropriate keywords to describe the paper.
  • Plagiarism in any form is unacceptable and will result in disqualification from GSS participation.
  • Acceptance of an abstract proposal does not guarantee participation as a paper presenter.
  • Presenters must ensure all papers presented at GSS meet high-quality standards.
  • Failure to submit a first draft paper by the specified deadline and not adhering to the quality or standards set by workshop directors and/or GSS, may change the participant's status to a listener rather than a paper presenter.
  • After GSS concludes, participants have until specified a deadline for paper revisions.

Publication Plan:

  • Workshop Directors will provide a publication plan for the workshop.
  • Any paper published from the GSS workshops must ensure the following:
    1. Acknowledge Gulf Studies Symposium in all paper drafts and publications.
    2. Provide complimentary copies of the publications to GSS coordinators.
    3. GSS reserves the right to promote and feature the publication.
  • A collective publication is the final goal for papers, GSS presents an opportunity for WDs and participants to publish papers through different mediums:
    • Gulf International Forum reserves the right to solicit papers for publication as reports in agreement with presenters and Workshop Directors.
    • Workshop Directors can solicit outside publishers for edited books.
    • For select cases, Gulf International Forum can publish edited books.
    • Workshop Directors have an option to contact academic journals for a series of journal articles.
    • Individual journal articles are viable options for academics that were not able to secure a journal series with the workshop.
    • Suggestions for other forms of publication are welcome but ideally these would be published collectively in the aforementioned formats.
Travel Stipend:
All paper presenters are expected to attend the workshops at Georgetown University in Washington DC on March 4-5, 2024. Students and scholars whose trip to GSS is not supported by their respective institutions may qualify for a one-time stipend. To be eligible for this stipend, presenters must travel to Washington, DC and participate in the two-day symposium. All stipends must be requested within 60 days following the symposium's conclusion. Stipends amounts:
  • North America-based presenters, excluding those from the Washington, DC metro area: $300
  • Presenters from Europe: $450
  • Presenters from other regions worldwide: $550