Author: Brett Sudetic & Adam Dempsey

Brett Sudetic & Adam Dempsey

Brett Sudetic is an advisor with Gulf State Analytics. As a management consultant, he has advised government ministries and state-owned enterprises in the Gulf region on strategic planning, program management, supply chain, and industrial policy implementation. Brett has lived and/or worked in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Morocco, Lebanon, Japan, Belgium, and the United States, as well as brief engagements in Turkey and the United Arab Emirates. He is fluent in Arabic and proficient in Persian-Farsi. Adam Dempsey is a senior analyst with InStrat and advisor at Gulf State Analytics. Currently based in the UK, he was previously director of media and external communication for Slovakia’s GLOBSEC, head of editorial content for ETH Zurich’s International Relations and Security Network (ISN) and a research coordinator at the UK Defence Forum. Dempsey’s research focuses on a broad range of defense and security issues. He has previously written for Fair Observer, Inside Arabia, International Policy Digest, LobeLog, Defence Viewpoints, Defence and Security Systems International, and Defense Industry Daily.


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