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Vision – Who We Are

Gulf International Forum (GIF), is an independent Washington-based institute that aspires to enhance peace, progress, security, and stability in the Gulf and greater Middle East region through the open proliferation of ideas.

Mission – What We Do

Gulf International Forum strives to be the primary source of credible analysis on the region. Our mission revolves around enhancing understandings; engaging in free dialogue; and promoting independent thinking by building awareness and contributing to the accumulation of knowledge on the Gulf. GIF focuses on political, economic, social, and security issues for the nine regional states: Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Yemen. Through various educational platforms that promote research, analysis, and dialogue, GIF aspires to encourage objective intellectual debates that inform interested audiences.

Approach – How We Do It

  • Serve as a hub for analysis of the Gulf region by hosting roundtables, panels, and conferences along with publishing articles, reviews, reports, and books.
  • Keeping our audiences up-to-date on current affairs.
  • Provide a platform for Gulf- and U.S.-based scholars and policymakers.
  • Air all perspectives on a given issue.
  • Collaborate with sister organizations to maximize knowledge; amplify audience exposure; and promote a wide array of perspectives.

Gulf International Forum is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization.

Daniel V. Berkon

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Dr. Mohammad Alrumaihi

Board of Directors Member

Sheikh Nawaf Bin Mubarak Al-Thani

Board of Directors Member

Dr. Wafa Al-Daily

Board of Directors Member

Dr. Abdullah Baabood

Board of Directors Member

Dr. Abdulaziz Sager

Advisory Board Member

Ambassador Abdulla Bishara

Advisory Board Member

Jamal Fakhro

Advisory Board Member

H.E. Dr. Abu Bakr Al-Qirbi

Advisory Board Member

Ambassador Anne W. Patterson

Advisory Board Member

Dr. Sheikha Abdulla Al-Misnad

Advisory Board Member

Dr. Mehran Kamrava

Advisory Board Member

Dr. Yagoub Y. Al-Kandari

Advisory Board Member

Dr. Baqer Al Najjar

Advisory Board Member

Professor James Gavrilis

Advisory Board Member

Ambassador John Limbert

Advisory Board Member

Ambassador Frances D. Cook

Advisory Board Member

Stavro G Soussou

Advisory Board Member

Tim Constantine

Advisory Board Member

Dr. Dania Thafer

Executive Director

Anas Alqaed

Director of Programs

Abdelrahman Kamel

Research Associate

Ali Behbehani

Research Assistant

Nuha Khan

Research Assistant

Ralph Quiambao

Multimedia Specialist

Moustafa Amar

Administration Coordinator

Ahmed Okbelbab

Digital Content Producer

Babiker Elhassan

Arabic Editor

Matthew Levy

Administrative Assistant
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