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Welcoming New Cohort of Non-Resident Fellows



Washington, DC: The Gulf International Forum, headquartered in Washington, DC, is pleased to welcome a new group of scholars and experts to its Non-Resident Fellowship Program. The new cohort includes accomplished individuals from a wide range of geographic and academic backgrounds, helping to bring crucial new perspectives and fresh insight to GIF’s ongoing scholarship.

“We are thrilled to welcome the newest cohort of fellows,” said Gulf International Forum Executive Director Dr. Dania Thafer. “They were selected from a broad group of prominent scholars who contributed in their respective fields to the understanding of the region. We are confident that each of them will be beneficial to our mission, and we look forward to their contributions and working closely with them.”

GIF’s Non-Resident Fellowship program was established in 2018 to broaden the conversation surrounding the politics, economics, and society of the six GCC states, Iran, Iraq, and Yemen. The non-resident fellows will collaborate on research and publication with GIF policy experts and team and will participate in GIF’s panel discussions and other events. GIF will also help to amplify and share the non-resident fellows’ existing work where applicable.

The incoming fellows are:

Dr. Daniel Serwer, Non-Resident Senior Fellow. Dr. Serwer is a Senior Fellow at the Foreign Policy Institute of SAIS, & the author of “Righting the Balance: How You Can Help Protect America,” and “From War to Peace in the Balkans, the Middle East, & Ukraine.”

Dr. Tarik Yousef, Non-Resident Senior Fellow. Dr. Yousef is a Senior Fellow and Director of Middle East Council on Global Affairs. His research has focused on the economic development and the political economy of policy reform in the Middle East.

Dr. Ibrahim Alhouti, Non-Resident Fellow. Dr. Alhouti is an Assistant Professor at Kuwait University. He focuses in his research on the comparative politics of education, and politics of education reforms in the GCC states.

Ms. Sinem Cengiz, Non-Resident Fellow. Ms. Cengiz is a researcher at Qatar University. Her research focuses on Gulf affairs & Turkey’s relations with Gulf states. She is the author of “Turkish-Saudi Relations: Cooperation & Competition in the Middle East.”

Dr. Mira Al-Hussein, Non-Resident Fellow. Dr. Al-Hussein focuses in her work on society, culture, and higher education in the GCC states. She currently works as Postdoctoral Researcher at University of Oxford.

Dr. Massaab Al-Aloosy, Non-Resident Fellow. Program. Dr. Al-Aloosy is a researcher focusing on Iraq, Iran, and Shia non-state armed groups. He is the author of “The Changing Ideology of Hezbollah.”

Dr. Diana Galeeva, Non-Resident Fellow. Dr. Galeeva is the author of two books “Qatar: The Practice of Rented Power” & “Russia & the GCC: The Case of Tatarstan’s Paradiplomacy.” She focuses in her work on Gulf-Russia relations & IR theory.


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