Author: Mohammad Hashemi & Majid Heydari

Mohammad Hashemi & Majid Heydari

Mohammad Hashemi is a journalist, researcher and media consultant based in Tehran. Formerly he was the chief editor and producer at PressTV website, the Iranian state-owned English news, and documentary network (2015-2019). He was also a political editor at the Financial Tribune (2014-2015) and the Tehran Times (2010-2014). Hashemi is an alumnus of the ‘Heinz- Kühn Foundation’ in North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany. His work and commentary have been featured in Al Jazeera, Inside Arabia, the Middle East Eye, The Wire as well as Iranian media outlets, among others. Majid Heydari is an economist and data analyst specializing in Iran’s economy. He is a graduate in the field of economics from the Institute for Management and Planning Studies affiliated with the office of the President of Iran. Currently, he is the Editor of the macroeconomic desk at Donya-e-Eqtesad Daily, Iran’s most prominent and popular newspaper in the area of economics. Over the past decade, he has authored dozens of insightful articles and analyses in the above field and contributed to research and executive institutes in Iran.


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